Brian Duffy – 24th April 2012

    Well were does one start when trying to comment on 28 days of travelling around India other than to say incredible. To explain the overall experience to anyone who has not been to India is proving difficult even with photos because the sounds, smell, heat and chaos cannot be described adequately let alone the feeling that one experiences when 40 tonne trucks come within millimetres or even microns. Added to all of this is millions of people all going in all directions and somehow the Coach navigates it’s way through and we all arrive at our destination intact. Simple amazing !!!
    The Tour overall was a great experience which my Wife and I enjoyed immensely. The Tour leaders were very helpful and supportive. The fellow travelers were a great bunch and made us feel very at ease in a very strange environment. The guide, was a great choice and I’m sure made the tour a great experience for all and went out of his way to expose us Aussies to as much of the day to day farming life as time permitted. The Coach’s two main drivers were amazing as were their helpers. The accommodation was above expectation and some of the best hotels and palaces one could find anywhere, we were surprised that the accommodation standard was so good given the surroundings, they where without exception first class.
    The farm and technical visits was amazing learning experience !!!
    All in all we enjoyed the trip immensely and had a great time. Well done in organizing the overall Tour.
    Brian Duffy
    24th April 2012

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