• DURATION: 06 Nights

AGRICULTURE in China has a noble history, dating back fully four thousand years, and Chinese farmers are among the most skillful in the world. China feeds 22 percent of the world population with only seven percent of the planet’s arable land. Land is heavily utilized for agriculture. Vegetables are planted on road embankments, in traffic triangles and right up the walls of many buildings. China has very advanced agricultural research centers and laboratories that do research and churn out reams of data on the latest fertilizers, pollution risks and genetically-engineered crops.

Our “China Agriculture Tour from 14 October – 20 October. Our tour will have visit to Canton Fair and experience and learn latest technologies, new products and services, morden farm practices etc. Some of the agri Agriculture and Forestry Machinery you will see :
— Farming Equipment, Power Driven Rice Transplanting Machines, Manual Rice Transplanting Machines, Drainage and Irrigation Machinery, Harvesting Machinery, Farmland Improving Machinery, Animal Husbandry Machinery, Spare Parts of Agricultural Machinery, Forestry Machinery and etc.

The Agriculture Pavilion will help, the companies and individual also get to understand the real needs at the farm level and facilitate farmers in adopting their technologies and services. You will also have chance to see ::
— Gardening Machinery: Mowing Machines, Sprayers, Other Agriculture and Forestry Machinery
— Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing Machinery: Rice Machinery, Grease Machinery, Grain and Oil Processing Machinery, Packaging Machinery,  Inspection instrument

On our China Agriculture Tour you get opportunity to experience and participate in activities such as ::
— Meet the Industry leaders from China Agriculture sector
— One to One meeting with agriculture industry leaders during the exhibition
— Visit to Agriculture Institute
— Visit to Research Centre
— Join workshops and participate in agriculture sessions
— Visit local farms in China and meet and interact with Chinese farmers during China Farm Visit.
— Show case or update about your new products to fellow travellers or local people in exhibition.
— Enjoy cultural sightseeing tour of Chine.
— Experience different type of Indian cuisine prepared in China and enjoy local food during your Agriculture tour of China.
— Agriculture tour guide and translator with Agriculture knowledge guiding you and translating when doing farm visits of China.

Visit China Agriculture Tour and experience Canton Exhibition which has reached out to millions of farmers & professional across the globe since its inception to make them knowledgeable, independent and smart. The journey of progress continues….

Join us on our China Agriculture Exhibition Tour from 14 October / 20 October by visiting farms and institutes; research centres and understating China Culture in Agri sector. Join our farm tours worldwide !!

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