Neelesh Gupta : De Ceramica

    This testimonial is for Mr. Uday Marwah Director of Uday tours & Travel. Before meeting Mr. Uday Marwah in BNI Pratham I use to both all my tickets and hotels online and use to spend lot of time on searching for better price and availability and there was a big issue if we need to extend our travel or come back before the schedule as online it’s very difficult to change the dates of flights online. But after transferring all my booking thru Mr. Uday we can get all our work done at just one phone call which saves lots of time and efforts for all my travel need. Even if I am abroad and I need to do an urgent hotel booking or change the flight dates are very easy for me. I don’t need to think about that how I will manage it. His services have made my life easy when I am traveling and at best prices in the market.

    I sincerely thank Mr. Uday Marwah for all his services and I strongly recommend him and his company as one stop solution for all your travel needs.

    Neelesh Gupta
    De Ceramica

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