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Setting a budget is the most important thing that you do before planning a vacation. It is always a question in the back of your mind that how much will be the trip cost ? What will be your daily expenses while you will be travelling? How much one should spend on the accommodation? Travel expenses largely depends on how you like to travel. Below are the 5 important points that will help you set your travel budget.

How are you going to reach your destination ?
This point clearly states that how far is your destination. If you are going from one continent to another , this probably means that you will have to take a flight. So this means you will have to look for the airfare. If you travelling on the shorter distance , it is worth to look for other forms of transportation such as bus, trains or ferries.
Now as I told you earlier that travel budget more or less depends on how you like to travel. Some people will travel only on the direct flights as those are the fastest way to reach. Some who are budget concerned will also look for the connecting flights. Similarly , people travelling to shorter distance will find out the transportation that will be best suitable for them.

If you clearly understands your best way to reach the destination , you will cover nearly half of your trip cost.

How will you commute after reaching your destination ?
As soon as you reach your destination you will have to transport to your hotel , then to sightseeing spots and then return back to hotel. Public transportation is a great option as it will be inexpensive and will give you the feel of being local . Best way is to search online and find out the prices for the passes for that particular city.
Travelling to more than one city?? Find out the best options to get from one place to another. Cost for buses , trains and ferries are very easy to find online. Add these cost to your travel budget.

What type of Accommodation you want ?
Lodging can be a big part of your budget depending on where you would like to stay. Decide what type of accommodation you will prefer, whether it is Luxury hotels, hostels or guesthouses , or rental apartments. Remember one thing , the point is not to choose the exact place where you will stay , but to get an idea what will be the cost of lodging in the destination you are going to.

Once you have got an idea for lodging in your selected destination ,add it to your budget too.

How much will food cost ?
Though is the hardest to estimate how much you will spend on food but think about where are you going?? Ifyou are travelling to Europe , Australia or New Zealand , eating out will cost you almost the same as it would be in US or Canada. If you are going to South America or Southeast Asia,it wil be probably more cheaper. Since , it is harder to find out the exact number , estimate would be – US$ 20 per person per meal , and a few more dollars for extras like a bottle of water or special treats like Ice creams or chips . Also, remember you can save money on food if you don’t eat at expensive touristy places.

If you want to tighten up your food budget look for the rental apartment where you will have access to kitchen . Even if you buy grocery and cook few times and always eat breakfast in the apartment, you will save good amount of Money.

How much will the activities cost ?
It depends on the destination you are choosing to travel. Find out what all activities you will be intrested in doing and check out the prices online. Check out if there is any entrance fees for the museums , parks or other attractions. Add up these cost too and makesure you know what is and is not included

If you have done homework for all the above points , I am pretty sure you will have the budget with you. I am giving you an example below to make you more clear on the travel budget.

As an example, let say that I am planning a 5 day trip to Moscow with one other person from 8th August to 12th August taking Delhi as my home base. During the trip I want to do Hop On Hop Off as it is the cheapest way to see the major tourist sights and visit the Novodevichy Monastery. I plan on staying at a moderate hotel , shopping will be kept to a minimum . Here is my estimated budget :

— Roundtrip flight to Moscow : $450 per person = $900 Total
— 4 nights lodging in Moscow : $500
— Hop On hop Off : $12 per person = $24 Total
— Novodevichy Monastery : $60 per person = $120 Total
— Local transport in Moscow : $ 200 ( the cost is using taxis as it is the cheapest way to travel )
— Food for 5 days : $ 150 per person = $300 Total (this cost does not include alcohol)
— Money for unplanned activities , souvenirs , etc : $150per person = $300.00 Total
The total for this trip comes out to be $2,344.00 total , which I would just round up to $2400 for a cushion, so this means  $1200 per person. 

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