Luxury Trains

The world’s largest rail network, the Indian Railways has been categorised region-wise, such as Nothern Railways, Eastern Railways, Central Railways, North-Eastern Railways and so on. The railways provide one of the cheapest modes of travel, as well as some of the most expensive and luxurious trains in the world.

Some of the comfortable express trains are the Rajdhanis and the Shatabdi’s, which run between major cities. The Shatabdi Express train connect Delhi- Agra, Jhansi- Bhopal, Delhi- Jaipur- Ajmer, Chandigarh- Lucknow, Amritsar, Mumbai- Ahmedabad, Chennai- Bangalore. The Rajdhani Express cover longer distance New Delhi- Mumbai, New Delhi-Howrah, New Delhi – Guwahati and various other. The Rajdhani’s have A/c second class, A/c three tiers sleepers.

The Palace on Wheel and the Royal Orient trains, these are primarily tourist trains with own special itineraries covering about eight days.

The another unusual feature of the Indian Railways is the toy train. This is a small train running on narrow gauge track in hilly areas. Toy train services provide access to Darjeeling in the East, Shimla in the North and Matheran near Mumbai in the Western Ghats.

Indian Railway also provide the facilities of travel by Indrail Pass. This pass is sold only to foreign nationals or to Indians residing abroad. Indrail Pass are supplied against payment in US Dollar.

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