Corporate Social Responsibility at UDAY TOURS & TRAVEL acquired an enhanced dimension in JAN 2010, when we created and formed a group called ‘Sustainable Holistic Rural and Urban Timely Initiatives (SHRUTI)’ with some of the best management experts and Wildlife Biologist.
The Group is formed with a Vision to help in the formation of a healthier, educated, socially and environmentally conscientious society.

Our Mission:

‘Sustainable Holistic Rural and Urban Timely Initiatives (SHRUTI)’ is a National not for profit organization of health and development professionals, social scientists, management and environmental experts engaged in service delivery, knowledge generation and sharing for the overall empowerment and development of people in rural and urban areas.

  • An organization for upliftment of poor and needy for providing: Timely health solutions for the poor in urban and rural areas
  • Supporting initiatives for education of children
  • Networking with stakeholders for preservation of natural resources and promoting knowledge sharing on environmental issues
  • Interventions for health, education and infrastructural development in urban slums

We are also committed to improving the health, living conditions, educational status of poor and needy by focusing on a wide range of health, welfare and educational activities aimed at overall development and empowerment of society. This will be done through activities related to service delivery, general awareness, research, development and promotion, at the international, national, state and at grass-root levels, in the following fields:

Health promotion and health services delivery through partnership with government, non-government bilateral agencies and other organizations sharing similar values.
Environment and Climate change (including pollution, global warming, conservation of energy and renewable sources of energy)
Wild life and forestry
Conservation of biodiversity and natural resources (including water and its sources – rivers, lakes, wetlands, etc.)
Generating awareness at the local, state, national and international levels about Indian art and culture through appropriate exchange programmes.

Our Recent Activities
Health Education Programme and TB quiz for classes 9th to 12th on 24th April
Tuberculosis, a curable infectious disease, is the leading cause of death in India. A sensitization on Tuberculosis and a quiz was held for classes 9 to 12th in the Catholic School-Sophia Girls’ School, Meerut .There were around 500 students.

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