Hampi – Where a million stories come alive

Post is written by admin on : 2019-06-06

The typical version of Hampi’s history starts with a popular folklore. Two local chieftains, Hakka & Bukka , reports to their guru an unusual sight they saw during a hunting expedition. A hare chased by their hound suddenly turns courageous … Continue reading

India 365 Days Golf Destination

Post is written by admin on : 2019-05-16

Golf was brought to India by British colonisers, making it the second golf-playing nation in the world. The Royal Calcutta Golf Course (RCGC). Founded in1829, is the oldest golf club outside Britain and was followed by Bangalore Golf Club in … Continue reading

Wine in India

Post is written by admin on : 2019-04-30

Information on WINE & Wine in India Information WINE & Wine in India All Wine, whether still,sparkling , fortified, or aromatized, is fermented grape juice. It may be red,white or pink (rose’) and dry, medium, or sweet in style, with … Continue reading

India Farm Tours

Post is written by admin on : 2019-04-21

If you are planning specialized theme tour “Animal Breeding” (sheep, buffalo, cow etc) or “Tree House” or “Poultry farming ” or “Milk Production”, “Milk Processing”, “Wine Production”, “Wine Tasting Event”, “Wine Growing” or Arable Processing (Rice, sugar, wheat, corn, Soya … Continue reading

How to spend less during vacations

Post is written by admin on : 2019-04-06

Want to spend quality time with family on a vacation, but with out causing a hole in your pocket? Here are some tips… Travel during off season: The flight price varies considerably depending on the month, day and even time … Continue reading

17 reasons to visit New Zealand

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From Mud and Snow (not together) to the arts and beer, here are 17 Fantastic reasons to visit New Zealand New Zealand may be blessed with spectacular scenery and world-class food and wine but the country is also brimming with … Continue reading

Sydney Top Events

Post is written by admin on : 2019-04-05

Sports fans, culture lovers, fashion fanatics and music lovers are all taken care of in Sydney’s calendar of events. For those planning a trip to Sydney in 2019, consider taking in one or more of these popular events: Vivid Sydney; … Continue reading

Cricket flows in the veins of every Indian !!!

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Cricket flows in the veins of every Indian – is a undenied fact. You don’t have to teach a child how to hold a bat or ball; you just have to hone his skills. In a country where this game … Continue reading

AGRITECHNICA : November 2019

Post is written by admin on : 2019-04-03

DON’T MISS THE CONNECTION! Uday Tours most successful and reliable partner to bring your groups to the technical hotspots AGRITECHNICA 2019 and Systems & Components. We offer exclusively to our clients a limited contingent of rooms in good 3***S and … Continue reading

Bali Island of the Gods

Post is written by admin on : 2019-04-02

The rich and diverse culture of Bali plays out at all levels of life, from the exquisite flower-petal offerings placed everywhere, to the processions of joyfully garbed locals, shutting down major roads as they march to one of the myriad … Continue reading

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