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Endowed with diverse species of plants and animals, India is one of the eight centres of origin of plants. Besides, important food crops it has 190 species of fruit, vegetables and spices, more than 1,200 species of medicinal and aromatic plants which are of great significance to indigenous health systems. It has immense economic potential value for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. India occupies a pre-eminent position with respect to animal genetic resources with 26 breeds of cattle, 8 breeds of buffalo, 42 breeds of sheep, 20 of goats, 8 of camel, 6 of horse, 4 of pigs and 18 breeds of poultry along with species like Mithun, Yak, Gees and Ducks. It gave Rice, Sugar-cane, Mango and many spices to the world.

It has the world’s largest gene bank with more than 150,000 samples of germ-plasm conserved. It has the capacity of housing more than a million samples.

India has the distinction of developing a hybrid for the first time in the world in crops like sorghum, pearl millet, cotton, castor and pigeon pea. Area wise India is the largest grower in the world of oilseed with more than 20 million hectares under the crop. India has a wide range of crops and crop growing situations not met with anywhere in the world. More than 50 improved varieties with pest-resistance, earliness and higher oil content have been evolved. Most of these varieties have given 2 to 3 fold increases in yield.

India, having an extensive coastline of 8,060 km has access to a wide variety of tropical marine resources. Being one of the largest shrimp exporters in the world, India is poised to become a major force in the international fishery market.

India is an agricultural nation and agriculture is the most important sector in India. Government of India has initiated number of steps to boost the agribusiness. We have now been able to establish our presence in the world market through update with the new techniques and farming methods, latest equipment and packing and transporting systems. Come and see the Goldmine.

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